The 8 Hottest NFT Games in Kenya in 2023

As the NFT gaming industry continues to gain traction globally, the Kenyan market is no different. In this blog post, we explore the 8 hottest NFT games taking the country by storm in 2023.


Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a unique form of digital asset that are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry. Unlike traditional digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs are not interchangeable and have distinct characteristics that make them more valuable. NFTs are constructed on a blockchain, enabling them to be cryptographically verified and tracked, making them tamper-proof and easily transferable and storable.

NFTs are also divisible, meaning they can be broken down into smaller pieces and utilized to create exclusive digital assets. This makes them ideal for creating collectible items, such as digital artwork and collectible cards. NFTs also have the added benefit of being scarce, meaning they are restricted in supply and can be traded for higher prices. This makes them attractive to investors and collectors alike.

NFT Gaming in Kenya

NFT gaming has become increasingly popular in Kenya, with the country becoming a hub for NFT-based gaming platforms. There are a variety of NFT games available in Kenya, such as collectible card games, virtual pet games, and real-time strategy games. These games are appealing due to their various game mechanics and features, such as customizability, rarity, and the ability to trade and collect digital assets.

In addition to the entertainment value of NFT games, they can also offer potential benefits to players. For example, players can use NFTs to create virtual real estate, which can be used to generate passive income. NFTs can also be used to create unique digital assets, such as artwork, which can be sold for a profit.

Risks of NFT Gaming

However, there are potential risks associated with playing NFT games. These risks include the potential for fraud, as well as the risk of losing money due to market fluctuations. To mitigate these risks, it is important to research the game before playing, and to understand the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding NFT gaming in Kenya.


In conclusion, NFTs are a unique form of digital asset that are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry. They are built on a blockchain, which allows them to be cryptographically verified and tracked. NFTs are also divisible, meaning they can be used to create exclusive digital assets. NFT gaming has become increasingly popular in Kenya, with a variety of NFT games available. While there are potential benefits to playing NFT games, there are also potential risks that should be taken into consideration.

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RobotEra: An Exciting and Engaging Game

RobotEra is an action-packed side-scroller game set in a robotic world, where the player assumes the role of a robotic warrior. Developed by Nukem Game Studios and released in 2018, it is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Players have praised the game for its captivating visuals, intense action, and compelling story.

The protagonists of the game are the RobotEra, a group of robots who have been charged with repelling an alien invasion. The player can customize their robot with different parts and weapons to create a unique character.

RobotEra offers several game modes, including story mode, arcade mode, and local multiplayer. Story mode follows the RobotEra’s adventures as they battle against the aliens, while arcade mode challenges players to complete levels as quickly as possible. Local multiplayer allows up to four players to compete against each other.

The gameplay of RobotEra is fast-paced and requires the player to use their reflexes, problem-solving skills, and strategic thinking to succeed. The game features a variety of enemies, each with their own attack patterns and weaknesses. Players must use their weapons and power-ups to defeat the enemies and progress through the levels. The game also features several items such as health packs, energy cells, and special weapons that can help the player in their fight against the aliens.

Playing RobotEra can provide several benefits, including improved hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, and strategic thinking. It also helps to develop social skills and encourages teamwork, as the local multiplayer mode allows players to collaborate to defeat their enemies.

The future of RobotEra looks promising, with plans for new levels, characters, and storylines. The developers have also expressed interest in adding new features such as an online multiplayer mode, as well as a competitive gaming and eSports scene. Additionally, they plan to add additional items and power-ups to the game, as well as more challenging enemies.

Overall, RobotEra is an exhilarating and engaging game that will provide hours of entertainment. With its fast-paced gameplay, gripping plot, and interactive characters, RobotEra is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages.

Silks: An Ancient Board Game with a Bright Future

Silks is an ancient board game believed to be over 3,000 years old, having originated in China and thought to have been invented by the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius. It is still widely played in China and other parts of Asia, and is slowly gaining popularity around the world. The game is played on a board consisting of four concentric circles, each with sixteen points, and two distinct sides. Each side of the board has a set of pieces, with each piece having a different value.

The aim of the game is to capture the opponent’s pieces, or to create a strategic position that makes it difficult for the opponent to move. The pieces used in Silks are known as Weis, and each one has a different value. The highest valued pieces are the King and Queen, followed by the Elephant and Tiger. The lowest valued pieces are the Pawns and Cannon. The pieces move in a similar way to chess, with the King and Queen being able to move in any direction and the Elephant and Tiger being able to move two squares diagonally. The Pawns and Cannon can only move one square at a time.

One of the main benefits of playing Silks is the intellectual stimulation it provides. The game requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, as players must determine the best moves to capture their opponent’s pieces or create a winning position. It also encourages negotiation and communication between players, as they must discuss and agree on the best moves to make.

A Growing Popularity

The game of Silks has the potential to become a popular competitive sport. There are already several tournaments and leagues in China, and the game is slowly gaining traction in other parts of the world. There is also potential for Silks to be used in educational settings, as it can teach students important skills such as problem-solving, strategic thinking, and communication.

In addition, Silks could be adapted to modern technology and be used in virtual reality. This would allow players from all over the world to compete against each other in real-time, as well as providing a way for players to practice their skills without having to meet in person.

Overall, Silks is an ancient game with a rich history and a bright future. It provides players with intellectual stimulation and the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and communication. It also has the potential to become a popular competitive sport and be used in educational settings. Additionally, the game could be adapted to modern technology and be used in virtual reality, providing players with an immersive experience.


The Benefits of Playing Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a popular Minecraft mod that adds a variety of different blocks to the game. These blocks can be crafted and used to create a variety of challenges, making them a great way to add some excitement to the game. The most common type of Lucky Block is the Lucky Block, which will randomly drop items when broken, ranging from blocks to resources to even rare items. The Lucky Block Modifier can also be used to modify the properties of a Lucky Block, such as the chance of it dropping a rare item or the type of item it drops. Originally created by a player named “Lucky_Block_Fan” in 2013, Lucky Block has since become one of the most popular mods in the Minecraft community.

The advantages of playing Lucky Block are numerous. It provides an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game, requiring players to think strategically and come up with creative solutions to solve problems. It also encourages players to become more inventive in their builds. Furthermore, the mod is actively updated and supported, ensuring that it will remain a popular choice for many years to come. There is even potential for Lucky Block to be used in other games, opening up a world of possibilities.

All in all, Lucky Block is a great mod to add to any Minecraft experience. With its variety of blocks, it offers an array of challenges and opportunities for players to test their skills and creativity. The mod is also regularly updated and supported, guaranteeing that it will remain a popular choice for many years to come. With its potential for use in other games, Lucky Block is sure to remain a popular mod for many years to come.


Exploring Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world where players can construct, discover, and interact with one another. It is an open-source, decentralized platform that allows users to create and monetize their own content. The platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and uses its native token, MANA, as its in-game currency.

The virtual world of Decentraland consists of a grid of parcels that users can purchase and build on. These parcels are divided into two categories: Estates, which are larger areas of land, and LAND, which are smaller parcels. Players can acquire these parcels using MANA, and build anything from virtual art galleries to virtual casinos. There are also various game modes available, such as Exploration Mode and Competition Mode, where players can compete against each other for rewards.

The Decentraland Marketplace is a decentralized exchange where players can buy and sell virtual goods, such as LAND, avatars, and in-game items. Players can also create custom avatars and customize them with a variety of clothes, accessories, and hairstyles. The Marketplace also allows players to generate income from their creations by selling them to other players.

Benefits of Decentraland

The main benefit of playing Decentraland is the low cost of entry. Unlike other virtual worlds, Decentraland does not require players to purchase a subscription or buy expensive gaming hardware. All players need is an internet connection and a computer or smartphone with a web browser. This makes Decentraland accessible to players of all backgrounds and budgets.

In addition, Decentraland allows users to own a piece of the virtual world, giving them a sense of ownership and investment in the game. Players can also earn real money by selling their creations in the Decentraland Marketplace. This provides players with an incentive to create and share content with the community.

The Future of Decentraland

The future of Decentraland is looking bright. The team behind the platform is currently working on a mobile version of the game, as well as more advanced game mechanics. There is also potential for increased user engagement, with the introduction of tournaments and rewards for players. In addition, the platform has the potential to become a major player in the virtual reality market, as well as the potential for other applications of the Decentraland technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that are unique and cannot be exchanged or replicated. They are stored on a blockchain and can represent anything from artwork to in-game items.

What is the history of NFT gaming in Kenya?

NFT gaming in Kenya has been gaining traction in recent years, with more and more developers creating games that use NFTs. These games have become popular in the Kenyan gaming community, as they offer a unique and exciting gaming experience.

What are the most popular NFT games in Kenya?

The most popular NFT games in Kenya are RobotEra, Silks, Lucky Block, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Battle Infinity, and Tamadoge.

What are the benefits of playing NFT games?

NFT games offer players a unique gaming experience and the ability to own digital assets that are stored on the blockchain. Additionally, many NFT games offer players the ability to earn rewards for playing, as well as the potential to trade their assets for real-world value.

What is the future of NFT gaming in Kenya?

The future of NFT gaming in Kenya is bright, as more developers are creating games that use NFTs. Additionally, the Kenyan gaming community is growing and becoming more aware of the potential of NFTs and their applications in gaming. As such, NFT gaming in Kenya is likely to continue to grow and become more popular in the years to come.

Are there any risks associated with NFT gaming?

As with any online activity, there are risks associated with NFT gaming. These include the potential for scams, as well as the risk of losing access to your digital assets if the game or platform is compromised. As such, it is important to exercise caution when playing NFT games and to always be aware of the risks.

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